Jan 30, 2013

For the past year there has been an undercurrent in the BlackBerry user community regarding problems with Windows 10 and the BlackBerry Link application intended to allow connections, sync, backup, restore, etc. between BlackBerry 10 smartphones and Windows PCs. In the past month or so, the number of such problems reported has increased greatly. Activate a BlackBerry 10 device - YouTube Jan 20, 2017 Blackberry Enterprise Server 10 Services (Windows) Blackberry Enterprise Server 10 Services (Windows) This template assesses the status and overall of services and performance of a BlackBerry Enterprise Server 10 installed on Windows machine. Prerequisites. WMI access to the target server. Credentials. Windows Administrator on the target server. Component monitors BlackBerry Device Service: Activate a BlackBerry 10 device Feb 23, 2015

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