WSUS can meet the needs of a Windows-only network at the most basic level, while SCCM offers an expanded array of tools for more control over patch deployment and endpoint visibility. SCCM also offers pathways for patching alternate OS and third party applications, but on …

windows - WSUS on split network - Server Fault The suggested link could be made to work with n+1 WSUS where n is number of sites. all but one are set to cache the files, the other set so the clients will download from WU. Once you have this, you follow the Appendix D link and set the last WSUS in a specific site for the VPN … WSUS Updates - Client IP/location detection . Solutions Block port 8530 (the default port for WSUS), through the VPN.. 1) Clients check in with WSUS and PULL updates. WSUS doesn't push. So, if you prevent that through the VPN connection, they will only get updates locally when not on travel. 2) However, "dstewartjr" has the means to grant permissions for the updates for VPN client to get updates WSUS in the Real World — Decent Security WSUS in the Real World (Under construction) I have been managing WSUS for about ten years. It hasn't always been a happy relationship. But I've finally found a setup I'm happy with, and I'd love to share it with you.This article is meant to be a mind-dump on tons of subjects within WSUS.

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