Apr 19, 2018 · Perhaps not coincidentally, Freedom House’s top 10 countries in 2018 also match rather well with Forbes’ list of the 10 happiest countries in 2018. It’s worth noting that the US was ranked 58th.

Freedom of speech: which country has the most? | World Jul 13, 2020 The 10 Most Repressive Countries in the World — and the 10 Aug 02, 2018 New index rates countries by degree of freedom for scholars Mar 30, 2020

Puerto Rico moves up in Economic Freedom Index – News is

Top 5 Countries With the Most Freedom - Liberty Project Evaluations of various countries' personal freedom in 2018 gave acute focus on freedoms of speech and religion and social acceptance of immigrants and ethnic minorities. According to reports from The Legatum Prosperity Index and Freedom House, the North American region showed overall gains in personal and economic freedom, while living in the Asian countries urged to honour right to freedom of Jun 03, 2020

Reporters Without Borders (RSF) presents the 2020 press freedom barometer.

Review of report on religious freedom worldwide. Freedom House is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization that promotes liberty and democracy throughout the world. Their Center for Religious Freedom, located in Washington DC, has published a book which ranks the religious freedom status of 75 countries which encompass more … Q&A: Study finds religious freedom is stronger in Jul 01, 2020 The Human Freedom Index 2019 | Fraser Institute Dec 18, 2019