Smart DNS Proxy and Ivacy are considered to be among the best VPN companies in the world. To an inexperienced eye, they may seem almost identical. Users interested in getting a VPN often face a dilemma concerning which of these two to go for and which provider is better for their particular needs.

You will also get a good idea how each product operates. For example, on this page you can check Smart DNS Proxy’s overall score of 8.6 and compare it against Ivacy VPN’s score of 9.0; or Smart DNS Proxy’s user satisfaction level at 80% versus Ivacy VPN’s 98% satisfaction score. Ivacy. Ivacy is a highly flexible VPN. It accommodates for a wide range of devices, including Xbox and Kodi, and it’s packed with a range of features to ensure security, performance and anonymity. Ivacy has a 256-bit encryption and unlimited server switching – ideal for VPN split tunneling. Plus, you can also choose from multiple protocols. Iam using ivacy via a lifetime deal since 2 years for pretty much everything. Unblocking Netflix. Changing country's. P2p and more. I get my full connection speed (100/50). Down / up without issue support is fast and great. I would consider buying a lifetime deal it's cheaper as your 80 for 5 years. Ivacy VPN is a great online privacy tool which allows unblocking sites and content, and use torrents securely. It is offering easy to use IvacyVPN client for a wide variety of devices including computers, smartphones, Smart TVs, gaming consoles and others. Jun 23, 2020 · Unlimited, fast, secure VPN App for private internet access. Ivacy’s privacy app is an essential one-stop solution for all your streaming needs including, privacy security and anonymity. Streaming Channels Ivacy is now offering high speed video streaming using specialized servers. Select and stream your favorite channels without hassle from anywhere in the world with zero buffering. Why Ivacy also has an Internet Kill Switch feature to maintain the integrity of the network even when you get disconnected from the servers. There is also a Secure DNS add-on feature that lets users route their connection requests through Ivacy’s DNS server to prevent any DNS leak. Jul 01, 2020 · Primary DNS:; Secondary DNS:; Alternate DNS is a free DNS server that helps block redundant and unwanted ads, rallying security on your system by doing so. The blocking of ads is also beneficial since, without them, the gaming and browsing speeds are much faster.

Ivacy Review 2020- What Do They Offer? Find Out Exactly

Ivacy VPN Review - 2020 - Is This Cheap VPN Any Good?

Ivacy has dedicated applications for all leading operating systems. iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, Mac, Windows, Linux, PS4, PS3, Xbox, Raspberry Pi along with several smart TV and internet router models are also supported by the service. With optimized applications available for each, users just need to install and activate with ease.

Ivacy Learn how Ivacy VPN can help you in your daily life and otherwise. See More. Looking For Something Else? Our team of expert support staff are here 24/7 to answer your questions. Tickets. Report a problem or an issue by generating a ticket. Open Ticket. Live Chat. VPN For Windows - Download VPN App For Your PC - Ivacy Jun 05, 2020