If you want to use Tor, then Tails is your best friend. Tails is a version of Linux that sends data through the Tor network. All Internet traffic to/from Tails goes through Tor, making it resistant

Use Tor or 'extremist' Tails Linux? Congrats, you're on an Jul 03, 2014 VPN with Tails — The Basics You Need to Know | PrivacyAffairs Jul 12, 2020 Tails 4.8 Download - TechSpot Jul 01, 2020

Tails Review: a Linux Distro with Tor to Navigate Anonymously February 2, 2020 Matt Mills Software 0 From the moment we connect to the Internet, our data is being controlled by all types of companies, such as Microsoft, Google and even our ISP.

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Jul 01, 2020

Jan 27, 2016 How to stay Anonymous online in 2020: VPN, TOR, WHONIX & TAILS