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2018-2-13 · But movies keep being made, and we keep watching them and arguing about them. You might recall some of your own debates scrolling through this list of the top ten … Top Ten Horror/Geek Movies from 1985 | HorrorGeekLife 2020-7-23 · Mad Max (1979) is the Sex Pistols as The Road Warrior (1981) The Clash. Skip ahead to the height of the MTV days, and Beyond Thunderdome is an extended music video that could have had a cameo by Mark Goodman (MTV veejay), and no one would have flinched. While the series basically claimed ownership of the car chase scene and turned it into a genre (apologies to ’70s car classics … Top 10 War Movies of the 21st Century (Video Edition 2014-1-17 · Top 10 War Movies of the 21st Century (Video Edition) there have been so many good ones it was hard to get this list down to ten. But, these represent both … Top 10 Mind-Blowing, Yet Thought-Provoking Movies If there’s one thing movies do better than any other art form, it’s weirdness. The combination of sight, sound, and music make for a perfect cocktail to take the audience away on a wild and spaced-out ride; and in recent years filmmakers have even started using film as a way to explore heady philosophical ideas like the nature of identity, time, and consciousness. With this in mind, the

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This is similar to something J.D. and I did awhile ago—the Top 10 Great Movies No One Should Have to See More Than Once—except Sara is not commenting on the quality of the movies, but instead merely pointing out what she viewed as extreme brutality. Please chime in and let her know if her memory served her correctly or how these movies

2011-9-30 · ARIA Charts - End Of Year Charts - Top 100 Singles 2001. Pos. TITLE / ARTIST COMPANY CAT. NO. 1: CAN'T FIGHT THE MOONLIGHT LeAnn Rimes: SONY: 669914.2: 2: IT WASN'T ME Shaggy: UMA: 1558002: 3: CAN'T GET YOU OUT OF MY HEAD Kylie Minogue: FMR: 020542: 4: ANGEL Shaggy featuring Rayvon: UMA: 1558362: 5: HANGING BY A MOMENT Lifehouse: MCA/UMA:

10 Sci-Fi Movies That Will Make You Think As Much As … 10 2001: A Space Odyssey The ultimate thought-provoking sci-fi epic, Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey is a true cinematic masterpiece. It starts off with the “Dawn of Man,” which suggests that primates evolved into humans when they discovered violence, and it ends with the discovery of a higher life form than our own. The Top Ten: American Film Institute's Greatest Movies of 2017-2-28 · December 10 - 17 American Film Institute's Greatest Movies of All Time The American Film Institute asked more than 1,500 members of the film community to pick the 100 best films of all time from a list of 400 movies nominated by the institute. Top 10 Best Movie Lines Ever - 2018-5-24 · The Top 10 Best Movie Lines Ever (According to Odeon Cinemas) Top 10 Best Movie Lines Ever: These are the top 10 best movie lines ever, the ranked winners in a survey taken by Odeon Cinemas in the UK. You've probably heard many of these memorable lines that have lingered long after the film has played.