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2017-5-26 How To Make Mozilla Firefox Your Default Browser When Firefox is your default browser, it’s the browser that will open links on your PC and saved web pages will have the Firefox icon. To make Firefox your default browser, launch it first. When it’s launched, go to the menu in the upper right side and choose ‘ options ‘. How to set Firefox as the default browser? - Microsoft 2020-7-5

Firefox 78 can be used as the default PDF reader. As many people know already, the original version of Microsoft Edge, currently known as Microsoft Edge legacy, came with truly advanced PDF

Firefox is one of the best browsers to use, In case if you don’t know how to make it as your default browser try following the below steps to make it as your default browser. 1. Go to options in the “Tools” menu bar (or) by clicking on firefox drop down menu. 2. In the […] Make Firefox 21 use HTTPS by default • mozillaZine Forums 2013-6-16

Make Firerox your default browser by going to 'Tools' -> 'Options'. In the Options dialog box navigate to 'Advanced' tab and under System Defaults column check the 'Always check to see if Firefox

How To Set Firefox As Default Browser | Windows 10 Select Firefox as the default browser. And that’s it. So there you have it. That’s how you can easily make Firefox your default browser on your windows computer. I used a windows 10 to perform this task. Although this process or method of setting Firefox as default … 1210386 - Link "Make Firefox Default Browser" to Settings …