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Oct 12, 2009

How to Fix Windows Vista Unidentified Network Error If you see this “unidentified network error“, here’s a simple fix: Open the Control Panel and click on Network Connections: Right-click on your connection that is having problems (this will be local area connection or the wireless connection) and select properties. Cannot connect to wireless network, Unidentified Network With the PC, the network comes up in the list, I click on it and then put in the network password, but even though it says I am connected to the network with an excellent signal I cannot go online. When I put my mouse on the wireless icon it says: Unidentified Network (my network name) Access Local Only. [Solved] Windows vista Local access/ Unidentified network See More: Windows vista Local access/ Unidentified network. If that is the case, then your only other real concern is to set up the wifi, which by your friends account you did and set up a ssid of FBI Van#2, with a password I assume??? What have you done with the router. Also, the pc you have I assume is wired and working just ducky? How to fix Local Access Only on Windows Vista and Windows