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Home › Routing › DMVPN › Playing in the Lab: DMVPN and Per-Tunnel QoS. Playing in the Lab: DMVPN and Per-Tunnel QoS By Denise "Fish" Fishburne on February 15, 2020 • ( 12) There is this really cool thing about DMVPN that I came across a while back: DMVPN Per-Tunnel QoS. Apparently it isn’t just me (as a lab rat) that thinks this is cool. class-map match-any class-voice description Voice match dscp af11 match dscp cs4 match dscp cs3 ! policy-map qos-out class class-voice priority 100 ! interface Tunnel1 description Tunnel to VOIP Server ip address tunnel source FastEthernet0/1 tunnel destination tunnel mode ipip ! interface FastEthernet0 Jul 01, 2020 · (Optional) Add QoS classes and additional modes to the VPN tunnel: Right-click the tunnel's Mode cell and select Edit Mode to open the tunnel's Link Mode Properties menu. Add a QoS class for the tunnel to handle and select a Mode under the QoS Exceptions section. The tunnel will perform in this mode only for traffic matching the selected QoS class. For clear text traffic, the default profile applies to all clear text traffic as an aggregate. For tunneled traffic, the default profile is applied individually to each tunnel that does not have a specific profile assignment in the detailed configuration section. For instructions on defining QoS profiles, refer to Network > Network Profiles > QoS. The router (correct me if I'm wrong) only sees the packets as from the VPN server LAN IP, and the VPN Client's external IP, not the internal IP given by the VPN Server's NAT. So if I were to assign any range (ie: to VPN Clients, it would not matter to the QoS, since the router doesn't see these IPs. Now we have 4 NSA 220 one in each site. The VPN is working but one of the sites is really slow. We have 1MB dedicated line in each site. In the main site we have 10MB. So I want to apply some kind of Qos to the VPN to guarantee at least 50% of the bandwidth. however I dont know if this going to work because the topology in this clinic is like this.

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Optimizing Bandwidth Between Sonicwall Site-to-Site VPN Nov 30, 2012 DMVPN Per-Tunnel QoS - NetworkLessons.com To demonstrate DMVPN Per-Tunnel QoS I will use the following topology: Above we have a hub and four spoke routers. Let’s imagine that the spoke1 and spoke2 routers are connected using a 5 Mbps link, the spoke3 and spoke4 routers are using a slower 1 Mbps link. 802.1p and DSCP QoS Although 802.1p tags cannot be sent across the VPN, reply packets coming back across the VPN can be 802.1p tagged on egress from the tunnel. This requires that 802.1p tagging is active of the physical egress interface, and that the [Zone] > VPN Access Rule has an 802.1p marking action other than None.